We believe that the future of social impact lies in the hands of diverse and creative founders - the rebels, misfits, artists, creAtors and dreamers with the heart and tenacity to literally change the world.

At The Un.Inc we have been designing an unconventional path for change makers to grow, thrive and claim their purpose. We do that by surrounding them with the resources they need, from products, programs and mentorship to creative spaces and housing.

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Whether you are searching for inspiration, working to launch an MVP of your business, or re-imagining your future, The Un.Inc meets you where you're at. Join monthly to get access to the tools and resource that you need to design your impact. 

$5/MO: DREAMER: Go behind the scenes with the founders.

$50/MO: UN.INC LIFE: Receive a journal and monthly prompts to support your creative intent.

$100/MO: COHORT: Develop your venture in a cohort with 5 other founders from around the country.

$300/MO: CREATOR: Move in to a private studio space and use it to grow your dreams, it’s your blank canvas.


Un.Inc studios

Starting at $300/MO

Our 9-acre property is located South East of Austin, 5 minutes from the COTA racetrack, in Del Valle. A limited number of 20' shipping container studio spaces are opening this fall, apply to be considered for one of the first spots, and come get a tour.

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Curious what we’re up to? We’d love to show you around!

We believe in a world where dreaming is worthy, and so is the dreamer.

We believe that waking up each day, intent on creating a better world, is enough. That the dreamer is meant to move through failures, through heartbreaks, through discrimination, through fear. That your impact will be most powerful when it is born from pain. We believe that you aren’t meant to walk this journey alone. None of us are.

There is something about a blank canvas that fills me up with delight. Add the magic of you two and it all spills over in even more goodness. It’s an honor to walk alongside you both. Everything you create feels like “home” to me. Sacred sanctuaries.
— Mela, 2018

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We are passionate about capturing the often un-told stories of Dreamers. Follow along as we walk with changemakers in Austin who are pursuing their dreams, it's not always as easy as it looks!

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