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Our passion at The Un.Incubator is to empower founders to build self-sustaining careers around their passions, and provide them with the resources they need to get off the ground. As we grow our program this fall we're proud to announce 5 new cohorts opening up at our flagship location on 35th Street.

Each cohort will be lead by an Un.Inc Alum who is passionate about their craft and supporting other founders like them. For these select Alums, this role is a chance to give back and lead in their respective communities. You can read more about our new cohorts below. 




Community & Connection

fearless Storytelling


Women in Impact


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Deadline: October 15th

The Un.Incubator is designed for early stage founders, from freelance artists to nonprofit and social enterprise founders. If you are ready to spend one night a week diving in to develop your business, and help others do the same, then this is for you. 





It can be very lonely to pursue a career in performance, and even more challenging to start a business that empowers other performers. This cohort is designed for creatives in film, theatre and music who have a heart for their peers and an intent to create a social impact with their work. 

Facilitated by: Jeremy Rashad Brown

Jeremy Rashad Brown is co-founder and owner of RKJB Entertainment - a film and live performance production company providing an artistic platform for under-represented creatives in the greater Austin area. His philosophy is when opportunities and chances are lacking, start creating your own.




From digital narratives to public storytelling, this cohort is crafted with the storyteller at the center. In this cohort you'll learn to use your story to fuel your personal brand, and empower your form of personal expression. If you think your business idea is too off the wall, it's not - this is your cohort!

Facilitated by: Christina Cicchelli

Following the beat of her own drum, writer and consultant Christina Cicchelli leads a flavorful life and has the resume to prove it. She is an expert at authentic storytelling and finding new ideas to start or revive one's business.





For founders who have a passion for connecting communities, whether that is artists and buyers or fair trade companies and consumers, the challenge is often which community to develop first, and how to jumpstart the market. Often listed as the most challenging startup category, marketplaces take extra time, creativity and patience to get off the ground. This cohort serves a range of marketplace and match-making concepts, both on and offline. 

Facilitated by: Danny Pernik

Danny Pernik is Cofounder and Chief Community Officer of openCurrents, an Austin-based startup that enables nonprofits to reward volunteers for their time with a new digital currency: the Current. He loves to bring people together to fulfill a common purpose, whether that is to start a business, connect buyers and sellers, or simply make friends.




A long-standing favorite, this cohort is designed for women with a particular focus on empowering social impact concepts and ventures. Whether you are a creative looking to use your craft to power impact, or you're starting a social enterprise or nonprofit this cohort will be full of like-minded women you can lean on through the challenges.

Facilitated by: Tyeschea West

Tyeschea West is the Founder of an all-woman film and photography production company. Her passion is providing nonprofits and impact-based businesses with the storytelling content they need to share their impact with the world, and build empathy. 





Whether you are a filmmaker, painter or other visual artist this cohort is designed around your visual aesthetic and bringing that to life in a business. As artists we often have a hard time talking about money, or assigning a value to our craft. In this cohort you'll find a balance in your pursuit of a self-sustaining career in your medium.

Facilitated by: Jarett Leger

Jarett's journey down the road to his dreams has been an odyssey to say the least. He's been successful as an artist, teacher and filmmaker, but his hunger for more and originality has lead him to places he couldn't imagine. He continues to experiment with producing experiences that engage, challenge and thrill his participants, and he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

The Cohort Experience

Cost: $300/Month (4 months)
Need a scholarship? Let us know when you apply and we'll do what we can!

Whether you're wondering if it's time to take your passion and use it to make an impact or you've already launched a business and need the support to bring it to sustainability, the cohort experience meets you where you're at.

The Un.Incubator blends social impact business expertise with peer support and co-creation to help you make the change you want to see in your community while also helping you explore making making the income you need to sustain.

The cohort meets once a week, in an intimate cohort setting. We'll delve into your goals for the quarter, and you'll pursue them weekly - whether that's market fit, branding, or scaling your venture. You'll leave with clarity about your next steps, and new co-creators for the journey.


schedule at a glance

January 8 - April 27, 2018 | Time & Day TBD

Workshop Topics Included: 

  • Your Mission
  • Personas
  • Branding
  • Talking to Humans I 
  • MVP
  • Positioning & Market Research
  • Scrappy Marketing
  • Talking to Humans II
  • Snapshot: Measurement
  • Financial Planning
  • Legal
  • Pitch and Paths 
  • Strengths Finder