impact: born from pain

At the Un.Inc we believe the most uniquely qualified changemakers grow up with adversity, often feeling like misfits in the cultures they travel in. They have the awareness and the tenacity to create meaningful change in their communities and the world. We wake up every day with the faces of the changemakers we support in the forefront of our minds. Through our 12 week cohort program we provide them with the safe space they need to identify the struggles that drive their desire for change, and the resources to create sustainable change-making businesses.

Our 12 week cohort program has grown over the last year and a half, we now provide cohorts in multiple spaces in Austin and San Antonio. We’re excited to announce that applications are now open for our new online cohort program serving impact founders around the country. 



We embed in spaces that are focused on building community. From co-working communities to hostels, bars and bookstores, we've found that our best partners are those who share our commitment to building authentic connections between innovators and creators. 


Un.Inc Alums: Founder Spotlight alum brands in action

We love to follow and support our Alums as they spread their wings and grow their impact ventures. Here are some of our most recent grads and their impact brands. Follow, share, and get involved! 

un.scripted films

Take off your professional guise, and be embedded in the place where you are.
— Beau Frail, Austin TX

the cohort program

We offer cohorts throughout the year in Austin and San Antonio. This spring we’re also offering online cohorts, serving changemakers around the country. Each cohort meets for 12 weeks in a small group of 5-8 and are grouped intentionally to help support one another. Apply today and we’ll let you know when the next available cohort is launching. Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis.


The Un.Incubator is designed for early stage founders from all sectors and all backgrounds. What they share is the experience of not fitting in the culture or spaces they have traveled. And a desire to take that struggle and use it to fuel change. They are educators, artists, musicians, designers and technologists, makers. Healers, writers, community organizers, storytellers and politicians. They are all ages, genders, ethnicities and sexualities. They are at a crossroads in their life, and they are ready to change some shit, for good.

Un.Incubator Benefits



Come as you are. Work & collaborate in the location where you join or join from wherever you are online.

Designed to fit your needs as you grow your business, each stage is 3-months long.

Guided Workshops


We believe that to create a sustainable career, your business needs to align with your passions, values, and who you are at your core. You'll benefit from guided workshops that help you keep your business in sync with you at every stage. Experience these workshops alongside your fellow-Un.Incubatees.

We believe in relationships with mentors who walk alongside you every step of the way. Our mentors come from a variety of disciplines and have a breadth of business experience across many functional areas. From coaches to wellness experts to operations, marketing, and financial gurus, you'll never journey alone.



We believe that success in the social impact space means a long career, and that means focus on your mental and emotional well being.

We believe in the importance of not feeling like you are in this alone. It is essential to regularly check in with trusted collaborators, partners, and fellow-Un.Incubatees along the way. Great businesses aren't created in a vacuum; differing perspectives help you continually hone and vet your approach.

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