Equipping dreamers for Social Impact 

At the Un.Incubator we're passionate about equipping a diverse range of founders with the resources they need to have a life-long career in impact. We work in collaboration with locally owned businesses, venues, universities and creative industry groups to support new founders in pursuit of their own business. We provide the structure, mentorship, startup framework and safe space for them to experiment, fail, iterate and build a unique venture designed around their passion and skill. 


Since we launched we've been committed to providing opportunities to as many founders as we can. In 2017 we provided scholarships to 11 founders of the 50 we served. 



$7,000 in scholarships

11 founders served


2018 is the year of the dreamer

Next year we are proud to offer $15,000 in scholarships, which will provide 25 founders with the chance to participate in the 4 month Un.Incubator program. Each scholarship covers 50% of the cost of the program. 


$15,000 in scholarships available

serving 25 founders


the impact is growing

What results have we seen in our first year? It's too early to define success metrics, but plan to as we grow. Our focus in this season is on the quality and replicability of our program. The 50+ Un.Alums who have completed our program have gone on to launch local ventures from impact focused production companies to nonprofits and social enterprises in a range of industries including consumer products, travel, film, live performance and music. They now have the framework they need for startup iteration and scrappy marketing, they are embedded in their community and through their ventures they're activating their skill and talent to give back and empower others. 

The Un.Incubator allows people with different goals to come together and help each other in a very communal way. I have built great relationships in the cohorts and it has allowed me to be inspired by the work of others.
— Ana

looking for a scholarship?

We know that social entrepreneurship starts with passion, and comes with risk too. We're committed to providing as many scholarships as we can to empower a diverse range of founders in Austin. Applications are open for the January cohorts, just let us know in the application if you need a scholarship and we'll do our best to accommodate you on a first come first serve basis.