OUR campaign GOAL: 500 T-shirts Sold by March 8th to fund 50 creators

The campaign

With the purchase of these t-shirts we will fund the first annual Dreamerland festival. Each year we’ll highlight an important shared pain, and gather creators who have been touched by it. This year our theme is suicidal ideation. With #PauseDreamer as the inspiration, 50 creators will come together for an immersive week of exploration and creation.

At the end of the week the space will open up for a public festival where the creators will showcase their themed work.

T-shirt sales open until March 3rd, 2019.

Coming in June 2019, Andrews, TX

This is is the story of a place where dreamers are born. With a sky so big you can see for miles. The contrast is so heavy you can feel your soul pulsing. Here we dream. We see color that's not there. We know the world differently than anyone else. Our difference makes us strong. Our dissonance makes us powerful. Welcome to Dreamerland - Andrews, TX.


Our theme this year is inspired by the work of Project Semicolon. Their mission is to help reduce the incidents of suicide in the world through connected community and greater access to information and resources. https://projectsemicolon.com/

2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

Dreamerland is a festival created by The Un.Inc. Sponsor opportunities are now open, please submit your information below if you or your company are interested in participating.

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Interested in participating in Dreamerland 2019 as a Creator or Co-Creator? We’re taking submissions.