The Ganzfeld Halloween Experience


What started in Andrews, TX in 2008 as a family-run Haunted House has grown into an annual production. For those of you who love a good scare, this year's production is sure to impress. Ganzfeld is a fictional character, born of late night haunted stories around campfires and family creativity. His sordid history includes stories of cannibalism, all wrapped in a haunting hillbilly persona. The creative team behind this production has grown over the years, as has the genius creativity.

The marketing for this year's event blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, with dozens of "cult sightings" on facebook live leading up to a much anticipated Friday the 13th event. There's no telling where the storyline will go, as more and more fans become part of the cast and marketing efforts. The banner event will be on October 28th, a creative take on the typical haunted house, where participants are led through a series of terrifying cult experiences in a dark outdoor venue. Fans are urged to dress the part, and the lucky few will be inducted into the phantom cult, for a VIP scare like no other. 


Want to join in?

(yea, we thought so!)


All the proceeds for Un.Inc Studios productions go to the Dreamer Fund, which provides scholarships for social entrepreneurs and creatives to participate in the Un.Incubator.