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If you’re walking your journey, feeling alone, feeling like you know there’s more than what you see around you, the Un.Inc Life is your space. Your self-driven, heartfelt, come and go as you need it, space. This is for you, regardless of whether or not you have a business plan or any plan at all. Perhaps before you have one, or after the last one failed. This is your space to dream, explore, and find your voice.

The Un.Incubator prepares you to launch your impact business or pivot and re-imagine it. Un.Inc Life prepares you to stand tall as a changemaker, at any age. After all, colleges are designed to prepare the smartest among us for leadership, and the military is designed to prepare the strongest to fight our battles. But - we asked ourselves - who is designing a space to prepare the brightest, to change the world?

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Watch Un.Inc Life Films featuring changemakers at all stages of their journeys. Connect and get inspired at Un.Inc Life on Instagram at #uninclife and our Facebook group. We're all on social media already (whether we like it or not!) so let's fill it with intent and support. After all, we are here to walk alongside each other. 


When you subscribe we’ll send your Un.Inc Life Journal in the mail, and we'll kick off your subscription experience. Each month you can expect intentional hand-designed items in the mail, carefully crafted emails featuring the theme of the month, and our documentary series on changemakers. No month will be the same, we're designing and evolving the physical and digital experience as our community grows. 

We believe in a world where dreaming is worthy, and so is the dreamer.

We believe that waking up each day, intent on creating a better world, is enough. That the dreamer is meant to move through failures, through heartbreaks, through discrimination, through fear. That your impact will be most powerful when it is born from pain. We believe that you aren’t meant to walk this journey alone. None of us are.

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We are passionate about capturing the often un-told stories of Dreamers. Follow along as we walk with changemakers in Austin who are pursuing their dreams, it's not always as easy as it looks!

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Un.Inc Events This Month

When I started this social entrepreneur program in January, I was searching for myself. To find inner connection. 16 weeks later, I wound up finding others. Friends, mentors, collaborators and motivators. Movers, shakers and bad ass makers. We laughed and we cried. We learned and we loved. We tried and failed and triumphed. All together.
— Alli, 2018

The Un.Incubator Cohort Program

We offer cohorts starting in January in Austin and online. Each cohort meets for 12 weeks in a small group of 5-8 and are grouped intentionally to help support one another. Apply today and we’ll let you know when the next available cohort is launching. Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis.


Applications open for January 2019 cohorts



The Un.Incubator is designed for early stage founders from all sectors and all backgrounds. What they share is the experience of not fitting in the culture or spaces they have traveled. And a desire to take that struggle and use it to fuel change. They are educators, artists, musicians, designers and technologists, makers. Healers, writers, community organizers, storytellers and politicians. They are all ages, genders, ethnicities and sexualities. They are at a crossroads in their life, and they are ready to change some shit, for good.


Un.Incubator Benefits


Designed to fit your needs as you grow your business, each cohort is 3-months long.

Guided Workshops


We believe that to create a sustainable career, your business needs to align with your passions, values, and who you are at your core. You'll benefit from guided workshops that help you keep your business in sync with you at every stage. Experience these workshops alongside your fellow-Un.Incubatees.

We believe in relationships with mentors who walk alongside you every step of the way. Our mentors come from a variety of disciplines and have a breadth of business experience across many functional areas. From coaches to wellness experts to operations, marketing, and financial gurus, you'll never journey alone.



We believe that success in the social impact space means a long career, and that means focus on your mental and emotional well being.

We believe in the importance of not feeling like you are in this alone. It is essential to regularly check in with trusted collaborators, partners, and fellow-Un.Incubatees along the way. Great businesses aren't created in a vacuum; differing perspectives help you continually hone and vet your approach.