applications are open for APRIL cohorts

We're expanding our cohorts in Austin and beyond in 2018. Below you'll find the spaces we're bringing the Un.Inc Cohort experience. If you want to bring the Un.Inc Cohort to your space, we want to hear from you!



Native Hostel is new to Austin, and a startup in it's own right. Their intent as a Hostel is to provide authentic connections between travelers and the local community. We can't think of a better place to host a cohort focused on local community connection and innovation!



We returning to The Impact Guild in San Antonio where we'll host an Un.Incubator cohort. This beautiful co-working space just opened in the heart of the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

They are committed to providing community support and business skills to founders in their area. 



One of our newest locations, Soma Vida is the longest standing coworking space in Austin, located downtown on Cesear Chavez. They are committed to wellness and community.