artist spotlight: Liza Fishbone

creator of The moonpuppies


When she graduated from Syracuse in with a BFA in fashion design in 2014, Liza Fishbone already knew she wasn't going to take the typical path. As she was pondering the future, she and 2 friends started dreaming up intergalactic space tribes, because, you know...why not? To their surprise, they applied for an received a grant from a music festival to create them, and the first version of the Moon Puppies came to life. Even though it was a far cry from what she hoped to accomplish with her future designs, she discovered that the Moon Puppies elicited the response she was hoping for in grownups - childlike wonder

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 5.35.13 PM.png
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Why Childlike Wonder? 

Childlike wonder exists in everyone. I want people to let their guard down, and rediscover that feeling they had as a kid. I want them to look up from their phones, look to the stranger next to them and say “are you seeing this?”
— Liza Fishbone


As she traveled the following year in Japan, Liza was inspired the mythical landscapes, and began drawing and imagining the land the Moon Puppies came from. Inspired by the City Museum in St. Louis, a 6 story grownup jungle-gym in her hometown of St. Louis, she decided she wanted to create a massive experiential art installation, so humans could explore the Land of Laughter and the other wonderful lands of the Moon Puppies. 



This November, Liza is creating the biggest installation of the Moon Puppies to date in collaboration with Cherry Cola Dog and Un.Inc Studios. This 2-night installation will be a journey with the Moon Puppies through a portal to the Secret Ocean. In her words - you will be plunged into the Indigo Layer, the layer between things that makes sense.

 Liza exists in the space between fantasy and reality. If you're lucky, you'll walk through on one of the portals she holds open.


Want to join in?



All the proceeds for Un.Inc Studios productions go to the Dreamer Fund, which provides scholarships for social entrepreneurs and creatives to participate in the Un.Incubator.