This January 2018 we're thrilled to announce that Orange Coworking will be hosting the Un.Incubator. The cohort experience at Orange brings together impact founders and creatives from diverse backgrounds, as well as local mentors, to help empower each founder. The intimate experience is facilitated by Un.Incubator Founders Liz Deering and Ben Gibson in collaboration with Orange Coworking Founder Shelley Delayne.


apply for the january cohort

Deadline: October 15th

The Un.Incubator is designed for early stage founders, from freelance artists to nonprofit and social enterprise founders. If you are ready to spend one night a week diving in to develop your business, and help others do the same, then this is for you. 

In the Un.Incubator I discovered that what I want to say and contribute is valuable and worthy.
— Ty, Un.Inc Alum

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The Cohort Experience

Cost: $350/Month (4 months)
Need a scholarship? Let us know when you apply and we'll do what we can!

Whether you're wondering if it's time to take your passion and use it to make an impact or you've already launched a business and need the support to bring it to sustainability, the cohort experience meets you where you're at.

The Un.Incubator blends social impact business expertise with peer support and co-creation to help you make the change you want to see in your community while also helping you explore making making the income you need to sustain.

The cohort meets once a week, in an intimate cohort setting. We'll delve into your goals for the quarter, and you'll pursue them weekly - whether that's market fit, branding, or scaling your venture. You'll leave with clarity about your next steps, and new co-creators for the journey.


schedule at a glance

January 8 - April 27, 2018 | Time & Day TBD

Workshop Topics Included: 

  • Your Mission
  • Personas
  • Branding
  • Talking to Humans I 
  • MVP
  • Positioning & Market Research
  • Scrappy Marketing
  • Talking to Humans II
  • Snapshot: Measurement
  • Financial Planning
  • Legal
  • Pitch and Paths 
  • Strengths Finder

orange coworking

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Orange Coworking is a membership-based workspace for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, telecommuters, and anyone else who can choose where they work. We also have meeting rooms and event space for rent to members and non-members.