JULY 2, 2018

The Un.Inc Presents The Future Of Social Impact

The all-inclusive affordable lifestyle subscription offers early stage social entrepreneurs everything they need to change the world.


AUSTIN, Texas -- July 2, 2018 - The Un.Inc™ today introduced their vision for the future of early stage social entrepreneurship. Their approach lies in providing the opposite of what the startup industry considers best practices. Instead of focusing on coworking, funding or short-term accelerator programs, The Un.Inc will provide tiny-home living, amenities, creative resources and the flexible curriculum founders need to thrive and grow. All of this will be available for a monthly subscription designed to be affordable for change makers working part-time.



“This may seem idealistic,” said Liz Deering, Un.Inc CEO & Co-Founder. “And it is wildly idealistic. It’s also practical. We know there are thousands of changemakers in Austin, ready to create the solutions our city and country need. And why haven’t they done it yet? It’s obvious - they are weighed down by school debt, rent, car payments and life costs. So we asked ourselves, what would happen if we could alleviate all that?”


Social Impact Lifestyle Subscription

The company has already tested experimental versions of this and plans to launch a full version in 2020. The following key elements are included in their full lifestyle subscription.

Tiny-Home Living

Includes as-needed housing. Members can stay for as short as 1 month and as long as 2 years. The tiny-home community housing includes private space for 1-2 adults or a small family.


Membership includes access to amenities such as an on-site cafe, washers & dryers, and the latest smart-home technologies.

Creative Resources

From the new filmmaker to a visual artist to a yoga instructor, we’ve designed multi-use studio space for changemakers to create and hone their impact with full access to the tools and industry experts they need to grow.

Flexible Curriculum

A framework that blends personal growth and lean startup best practices, built for founders to quickly test, fail and iterate on their ventures with the support of our mentor network and their peers.


Pricing and Availability

In development now on the Un.Inc’s 9 acre property, the experimental tiny-home community for social entrepreneurs is set to open in January 2020 with housing starting at $499/month. Prospective members are invited to apply at The Un.Inc is actively talking to potential partners including impact focused real estate investors and owners of creative businesses.  Interested parties are invited to email


About The Un.Inc

The Un.Inc is a wholehearted and visionary company, born from pain. We design and deliver products, self-guided programs, events, intentional spaces and housing for change makers. The Un.Inc’s monthly programming, catered to the early stage social impact founder, has served 100+ founders since opening in August 2016. Our members and mentors are the face of our mission; to empower women, people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community who are intentional about the impact they want to make through for-profit ventures.  Monthly programs hosted in Austin and online are currently available at for subscription.


Press Contact

Ben Gibson