Our Vision for the Future of Social Impact

We believe that the future of social impact lies in the hands of diverse founders, the women, people of color and members of the lgbtq+ community with the heart and tenacity to create change making businesses. All of our products and services are built with that in mind. 

At all levels our subscription is a lifestyle that puts the founder first, built to empower and support you. At the early stages Un.Inc Life may be personal development, in the form of guided journaling and a monthly surprise package in the mail. As you develop a new business concept you may experience Un.Inc Life in the form of our bi-weekly cohort program where you’ll receive mentorship, business frameworks and the push to launch your MVP. But it doesn’t stop there. With our full vision in place social entrepreneurs will be able to subscribe to housing on Novo - our 9 acre property south east of Austin, starting at $499/mo. With your biggest financial burden reduced - rent - and the diverse community and accountability you need, we believe thousands of you will build successful for profit impact ventures in Austin and our city will grow into its fullest potential.  


Tiny-Home Living

Subscribe to housing as you need it. Tiny-home spaces are minimalistic and are designed for 1-2 adults or a small family. Members can stay for as short as 1 month and as long as 2 years.


On the property you'll have access to amenities such as an on-site cafe, washers & dryers, and the latest smart-home technologies.

Creative Resources

From the new filmmaker to a visual artist to a yoga instructor, we’ve designed multi-use studio space for you to create and hone your impact with full access to the tools and industry experts you need to grow.

Flexible Curriculum

Our monthly framework is built for founders to quickly test, fail and iterate on their ventures with the support of our mentor network and their peers. Members can drop in to cohorts on the property, in central Austin or online.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
— Dr. Seuss

The Numbers

According to the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network, there at more than 10 Million unserved early stage social entrepreneurs in the country, and only about 150 organizations worldwide serving them at the early stage. 

There are tens of millions of social entrepreneurs starting up in the world every year, but we are collectively supporting only a few thousand. This year, GSEN members have supported over 2,600 social entrepreneurs. Next year, support capacity is projected to increase; however, they will not have suŠfficient resources to provide support to all those who would have the best potential to change the world.
— GSEN, 2015 From Seed to Impact Report

Un.Inc Timeline


  • Purchased 9 Acres south east of Austin with the vision for creating a community for changemakers
  • Named the land Novo, meaning new in latin


  • Invested in land development, installed water and electric on the full property
  • Opened our co-working space in a 40's bungalow in Hyde Park
  • Launched the first cohort focused on women in impact 


  • Expanded cohorts to San Antonio and other locations in Austin
  • Opened Novo for a 6 month MVP of our big vision - 5 changemakers moved onto the land with their own tiny homes and RVs and participated in our on-site cohort. 
  • Expanded the use of our Hyde Park co-working space to include subscription-based housing for 4 changemakers, who also participated in our on-site cohort.   


  • Further development of Novo with partners locally
  • Expansion of the Cohort and Life programs nationally 


  • Re-open Novo with tiny-home living, shared creative space and amenities


Novo is located 5 minutes from the COTA racetrack. Our property is 30 minutes south-east of central Austin. 

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