We believe that waking up each day, intent on creating a better world, is enough. That the dreamer is meant to move through failures, through heartbreaks, through discrimination, through fear. That your impact will be most powerful when it is born from pain. We believe that you aren’t meant to walk this journey alone. None of us are.

So we set out to design a space, where we could walk alongside the dreamers as they change the world. A space where intent can flourish, and nothing is too raw to share along the way. Where the artists, healers, creators, nourishers, performers, givers, builders of the future, can flourish.

After all, colleges are designed to prepare the smartest among us for leadership, and the military is designed to prepare the strongest to fight our battles. But - we asked ourselves - who is designing a space to prepare the brightest, to change the world?

Out of that intent, the Un.Inc was born. For the last 2 years we’ve witnessed the impact that a safe space full of purpose can have on the heartfelt changemakers around us. And we’re just getting started.

We’ve dedicated our lives to this work. Because we believe that so much is at stake. If we don’t change our culture from one of hate and bullying to one that celebrates heart and soul, we will lose the very thing that makes us human. Our empathy. Our capacity to dream. Our wonder.

Why Un.Incubate?

Every week we meet creators who have ideas for impact, but don't see themselves a entrepreneurs. Filmmakers, creatives, writers, nonprofit veterans and others. We think it's time to expand access to support those who the traditional incubators do not serve. It's time to empower their careers and lives in impact and measure success based on the longevity of their impact, not just on the speed of financial returns. 

We also believe that the traditional incubator model: rigid in structure, singular in method, driven by investors, focused on learning from experts vs. collaborating alongside mentors and peers, is not an ideal path to build sustainable careers or impact-focused businesses. The Un.Incubator celebrates the very organic act of creating something meaningful. 


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
— Dr. Seuss


Who is the Un.Incubator for?



...are a solopreneur (marketer, filmmaker, musician, writer, _______) who yearns for support to build your brand

...are a social entrepreneur starting your business, and feel that the current accelerators/incubators don't meet your needs,

...have an idea for a social impact business, but don't know where to start,

...work in social impact in a nonprofit or for-profit role, and you have an idea for a new program or want to change an existing program, 

...want a safe space, resources, and inspired mentorship to hone your ideas, collaborate, and create something amazing.