Un.Inc offer for women in impact

Since we began the Un.Inc has always hosted a Women in Impact cohort. We're passionate about investing in the growth and success of women founders, and we're experts on the unique challenges (and bullshit!) that face women founders as social entrepreneurs. Through the 12 weeks we'll walk alongside each other as each founder explores and pursues their venture. Each week you'll meet a new mentor, and you'll be guided along the way by Un.Inc Co-Founder Liz Deering and Un.Inc Alum and Facilitator Tyeschea West. 



The Un.Incubator is designed for early stage founders from all sectors and all backgrounds. What they share is the experience of not fitting in the culture or spaces they have traveled. And a desire to take that struggle and use it to fuel change. They are educators, artists, musicians, designers and technologists, makers. Healers, writers, community organizers, storytellers and politicians. They are all ages, genders, ethnicities and sexualities. They are at a crossroads in their life, and they are ready to change some shit, for good.


apply for the cohort

We have 10 spots open for this Women in Impact cohort, first come first serve.
Use code "WOMEN" when you apply for a monthly discount on the program.


Deadline: March 1st


“Passion, it pushes you to do things you never would otherwise...
— Yviee, Austin TX


Cost: $300/Month (3 months)
Need a scholarship? Let us know when you apply.

Grab a glass of wine and join us each week for a real, raw, accountable conversation. Whether you're wondering if it's time to take your passion and use it to make an impact or you've already launched a business and need the support to bring it to sustainability, the cohort experience meets you where you're at.

The Un.Incubator blends social impact business expertise with peer support and co-creation to help you make the change you want to see in your community while also helping you explore making making the income you need to sustain.

The cohort meets once a week. We'll delve into your goals for the quarter, and you'll pursue them weekly. We'll guide you from ideation to identity, then into audience development and branding and before the quarter is up you'll be launching your MVP. We bring a range of guest speakers to the conversation, providing you with the chance to ask applicable questions about your venture. You'll leave with clarity about your next steps, and new co-creators for the journey.



- Each participant will be assigned to a cohort, matched intentionally with other founders

- The cohorts range in size from 5-8 founders

- You'll meet weekly for 2 hours with your cohort at a set day/time

- We intentionally focus both on the personal growth of each entrepreneur and on their business development 



April 9 - June 29 (Weekly 2 hours)

Workshop Topics Included: 

  • Your Mission
  • Basic Biz
  • Designed for Impact
  • Personas
  • I Am
  • Talking to Humans
  • Shitty First Draft (MVP)
  • Positioning & Market Research
  • Scrappy Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Legal Stuff
  • Fundraising