We believe that the most powerful and long-lasting leaders are creators, whose work is born from a place of pain. creatives have often been the earliest proponents of change, the ones willing to point out cultural pain or discrimination to the public, to jolt them out of complacency.

we nurture the dreamer in each leader

Since opening in Austin in 2016 we’ve seen hundreds of change makers step into their purpose, whether they are inside an organization, charting their own entrepreneurial path or championing change in the social sector. We design and deliver programming that facilitates cultural change inside organizations and communities.

announcing our fall 2019 cohort



Early this year we partnered with Soma Vida, combining our shared vision to nurture founders with intent. This summer we’re excited to announce the expansion of programming and resources. We’ll be offering our 3 month cohort program as well as business classes and yoga for founders and teams. The 8,000 square foot space on East Cesar Chavez provides a variety of spaces from private offices to yoga studios, co-working, and an outdoor performance space with a vegan food truck court. It has maintained the old Austin charm, despite the rapid change on the east side.

Applications are CLOSED

We’ve just closed our Fall applications. The next cohort will run from August 20 - November 12 at Soma Vida. We will be announcing the cohort members soon. If you’re interested in our program please apply and we’ll consider you for our Spring 2020 Cohort.

Soma Vida Women’s Panel

Soma Vida Women’s Panel

West Texas Pride

West Texas Pride


We partner with organizations to equip their teams or the people they serve. We customize our program to their needs. We work with heartfelt organizations that are passionate about investing in their teams and communities.

equipping changemakers

We design and deliver curriculum & programming that empowers individuals to embody their stories, connect deeply with their role as a leader, and change the world around them.

Dreamer (noun) :  [dreem-ur]

  1. an individual who is willing to take large risks with their creations in pursuit of bringing new beliefs to society.

  2. also referred to as a social entrepreneur, typically obsessive, hard working and charismatic.

connect with the un.inc community

Working with the Un.Incubator is an unforgettable experience. It is inspiring to be surrounded by all the great entrepreneurial and creative energy. Everyone involved learns from each other and challenges each other to put their best foot forward every single day.
— Dulari

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Community Partners

We’ve worked with a variety of partners in our first 3 years, bringing programming and productions to more than 500 leaders in spaces in Austin and around the country. We are passionate about equipping underrepresented leaders, and we’re proud to say that more than 75% of our alums are women, people of color, veterans and members of the queer community.  

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We are passionate about capturing the often un-told stories of Dreamers. Follow along as we walk with changemakers in Austin who are pursuing their dreams, it's not always as easy as it looks!

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