A Shared Vision of Impact

The Un.Inc was founded in 2016 by Liz Deering and Ben Gibson. Since opening our doors in Austin we’ve served more than 500 changemakers from diverse backgrounds, across the business, arts and social sectors with our programming in our spaces and inside partner spaces and organizations. We’ve built a network of highly engaged mentors in Austin and around the country that is 200+ strong.



Co-Founder & Dreamcatcher, The Un.Inc

I'm passionate about creating safe spaces for people to find their voice, connect with their purpose and pursue their dreams. The Un.Inc is the space and community I wished for when I began my journey as an entrepreneur. I believe we all need that, especially at the very beginning of a dream or idea. It takes so much courage to step out, break the norm, create your own vision. So often we are surrounded by people who love us but don't understand the path we're on, and can't provide that type of support. 

I envision a future where the Un.Inc has grown to support changemakers all over the country, and whether you are just starting your journey or decades into it, you know you can get the inspiration, support, and accountability you need to keep going. 

I believe our culture needs to fundamentally shift to empower changemakers from diverse backgrounds, all genders, ages, races and sexual orientations. Because you are the hope, the ones with the solutions that will impact the world. It's an honor to facilitate, host, connect worlds, and hold this space. I can't imagine doing anything else.  

Here's to the heartfelt ones,


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Co-Founder & Dreamweaver, The Un.Inc

I imagine a world where the earliest stage dreamers are championed, the ones who boldy speak the truth and want to change the world. Where society and systems dont opress creativity and the freedom to pursue our wildest dreams. Where it's affordable to maintain a life while pursuing your passion and honing your craft. Where a dreamer can walk into a space or community and feel inspired by others just like them and get all the help and assistance they need to get started.

I have committed my life to being an example to all the dreamers out there who long for a different life. To show everyone that it can be different. That humanity can live a life purposefully, passionately and still make great money. And that it's possible that our generations change the trajectory of the world's future through impact businesses.

Every day in our business I have the honor of working alongside dreamers of all kinds. I get to believe in them when nobody else will. Because in the very very beginning of a dream., we all need that.

Keep Dreaming Dreamer,


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Advisory Dream Team

None of this would be possible without the talent, passion and intent of our dream team of advisors. They have been along for the ride since the Un.Inc was just an idea in our heads. Their advice, professional services and co-creation continue to fuel us in creating an innovative and cutting edge brand that’s changing the higher education and startup industries for good.

Coaching & Education

Diane dean

The Learner’s Edge


Higher Education & Social Innovation

Meeta Kothare

Managing Director & Adjunct Professor
Social Innovation Initiative
McCombs School of Business


Strategy & Narrative

justin foster

root + river


Curriculum Design

Christina Cicchelli

Storytelling To The Bone

Christina_Cicchelli (1).jpeg

Coworking & Founder Wellness

Laura Shook Guzman

Soma Vida


Community Impact Design

Beau Frail

Activate Architecture

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.52.00 PM.png

Hospitality & Intentional Systems

Margaret BurkE

Habitat & Hive

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.48.05 PM.png

Founding Allies

we're honored to have the talent, intellect and creative soulfulness of these fabulous individuals. they have helped develop and shape our program and continue to bring it to life by teaching and advising us.

Meet the Mentors

The Un.Incubator would not be the nourishing and educational space it is without the support of these talented and impact minded leaders who volunteer their time to empower and encourage the cohorts.

I so enjoyed my time with Liz, Ben and members of both cohorts that not only would I like to participate again, but slept on Un.Incubator’s front porch until they let me in and signed me up as a mentor for the summer cohort.

— Jim O'Quinn



startup strategy


LEGAL & Financial planning

Working with the Un.Incubator is an unforgettable experience. As a mentor and teacher, it is inspiring to be surrounded by all the great entrepreneurial and creative energy. Everyone involved learns from each other and challenges each other to put their best foot forward every single day.
— Dulari Ghandi





Cross Sector partnerships

film, media, MUSIC & performance arts